Something for FREE!!! Thorn Apple


Summertime free music! Yes! While we are working to start bringing you new and original material under the Third Estate label we thought you might enjoy a free album that predates our lovely recording company. This one comes to you from an artist known as Thorn Apple (AKA D. Tura) and the album is called “Silent Film”. It was produced for a college class and was never intended to be heard by anybody aside from the class professor. Well we got it and tossed it up on bandcamp for anyone to grab, FREE. Experimental ambient noise pop, how bad can it be? Well according to the artist it’s “a bunch of pretentious art school bullshit” but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. Originally recorded to be the soundtrack to a silent film that was never made, the album can be played straight through or set to random for a completely different experience. If pretentious art school bullshit sounds like something you’re interested in we suggest you click the link and go get it for FREE. It’s FREE. Quit complaining.

Get a haircut. Kombucha Haircut.


We here at Third Estate Records love supporting our friends and helping spread their music to as many people as possible. That’s why we suggest you go to bandcamp right now and download Kombucha Haircut‘s The Only Two That Danced. The indie-rock duo (featuring the original guitar player from our own beloved CIRCUS PIG!) recorded there first and only release at Cold War Studios right here in Grand Rapids, MI, just before a temporary hiatus involving Mardi Gras on acid and a trip to Korea… There has been some talk of a possible follow up EP sometime this year, but until we are sure all members are in the same country The Only Two That Danced will get you all the kombucha your heart may desire. …Oh yeah, I almost forgot, it’s FREE.


That’s right! If you need a t-shirt we got plenty of t-shirts. Specifically CIRCUS PIG! t-shirts. This beautiful black cotton T with the CIRCUS PIG! logo in white may be the easiest way to tell all of your friends “I am an alcoholic with bad taste in music”. Order yours today! All proceeds go to CIRCUS PIG!’s emergency bail fund. (T-shirt pictured has been worn by a homeless man for about nine months, all shirts ordered will be shipped brand new and will appear with a much more pristine smell and condition.)


Germs is back again! New Shwagbag Sean!!!


He did it again! Shwagbag Sean has released a whole new EP of experimental punk rock! Swagbag II: Hell Bleeds Through the long awaited follow up to the original Germs is Back featuring Third Estate veterans John Stokes and Ry Cro. It is now available for download at



Get the first three John Stokes albums for free from the John Stokes Archives. The original trilogy written and recorded in back alleys and basements by Mr. John Stokes himself. Just what you need to get you ready for the rumored forthcoming album “My Name’s Not John Stokes” and the split with Third Estates’ favorite Chicago musician Ty Maxon, “Bat Animal“. If all of that isn’t enough John Stokes for you talk to some of us fine, fine people at Third Estate Records and get a copy of Slots V Stokes or the first Shwagbag Sean album, both produced by none other than the eternal John Stokes.



You want buttons? We make buttons! Any design you want! Look at all the buttons we made! They’re fucking sweet. You want some. Contact us to place an order. 10446641_263530643853146_1833049081413868598_n 10514592_263530630519814_1276132158647144204_n

The Campanellis on cassette!!!

One of our absolute favorite bands has given us the honor to present to you The Campanellis‘ Camp Optimist on good old fashion cassette tape! This bright blue beauty is guaranteed to rock you through the night with heart felt Midwestern Power Pop about girls and rock ‘n’ roll. Not interested in just listening to The Campanellis? Flip the tape over to side B and get ready for the best karaoke experience of your life! Available soon right here on the Third Estate Records website. Can’t wait that long? Then get ready for some fun and go see The Campanellis live to grab a copy there. You certainly won’t regret witnessing the energetic display of sweet, honest rock’n’roll that is The Campanellis.

(…And always request the beer monster…)




(“Beer monster!” “Beer monster!” “Beer monster!”)


SplatterCaster leaked remixes

Electronic artist SplatterCaster supplied us with a couple tracks from the Revo Remix EP. Even though the disc isn’t expected to be released until next year along with the completion of his first full length album he was kind enough to donate something for us to share on our website.

Free Vagina

Major delays in the recording of the new CIRCUS PIG! album have occurred yet again when the keyboard playing Vagina the Clown was arrested last week after drunkenly stealing all the alcohol he could carry from a small town gas station. The incident coincides with the arrest of the band’s trumpet playing pig, thus exhausting all funds that were to be used for recording. Vagina sent us a letter from jail, assuring us that despite these set backs (and his forced sobriety) he expects to have a new CP! release by the time winter comes. Vagina will be released sometime within a month – about the time Stick the Pig is expected to go to court for his 7th DUI.