Something for FREE!!! Thorn Apple


Summertime free music! Yes! While we are working to start bringing you new and original material under the Third Estate label we thought you might enjoy a free album that predates our lovely recording company. This one comes to you from an artist known as Thorn Apple (AKA D. Tura) and the album is called “Silent Film”. It was produced for a college class and was never intended to be heard by anybody aside from the class professor. Well we got it and tossed it up on bandcamp for anyone to grab, FREE. Experimental ambient noise pop, how bad can it be? Well according to the artist it’s “a bunch of pretentious art school bullshit” but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. Originally recorded¬†to be the soundtrack to a silent film that was never made, the album can be played straight through or set to random for a completely different experience. If pretentious art school bullshit sounds like something you’re interested in we suggest you click the link and go get it for FREE. It’s FREE. Quit complaining.¬†